I Encourage Anyone to Visit Vitality Oriental Therapy!

"I have suffered severe abdominal pains for 2 years, after extensive allergy testing and excessive diet modifications. Doctors told me, I could no longer eat yeast, sugar cane, and cranberries, any form of dairies, sesame seeds or coffee. I came to see Tina at Vitality Oriental Therapy for a shoulder injury, and one day I was experiencing severe abdominal pain from inadvertently eating something I shouldn’t have. Tina immediately started to treat my abdominal troubles and about 2 months later I was able to eat anything without experiencing any adverse reactions. I am now seeing Tina to work on some chronic and shoulder pains for over 10 years. Each session I feel significantly more relief. I would encourage anyone to visit Vitality Oriental Therapy to see if there is something they can do you."Michelle B. (Langford, BC)

I Definitely Recommend Acupuncture and Massage from Vitality Oriental Therapy.

"I had been suffering with frozen shoulder when I decided to try acupuncture as treatment to alleviate my discomfort. I chose to go Vitality Oriental Therapy where I was treated by Tina Lai in her home. During Five treatments over a five week period, my condition steadily improved. I found Tina efficient, conscientious, and will to spend extra time to ensure that her treatment was working. Joe (a retired physician and skilled massage therapist) provided assistance and excellent recommendations for some traditional Chinese herbal remedies. If you are considering acupuncture I would definitely recommend Tina Lai and massage at Vitality Oriental Therapy." John B. (Victoria, BC)

The Acupuncture Treatment Lasted 6 Months.

"Congratulations on your new Vitality Oriental Therapy premises. Since my knee is starting to act up, I will be come in to see you soon. I had an acupuncture treatment from you 6 months ago, and it's lasted this long and I am so grateful. We are doing well and will of course be calling to see you this winter again. All the best and keep well and happy as I remember you." Malinda & Ashleigh G. (Victoria, BC)

I Recommend Vitality Oriental Therapy to Anyone Looking for Alternatives to Prescribed Drugs.

"I am a runner and I was suffering from pain in my right foot and both knees. I was seeing no decrease in pain through physio and all the doctors could do was prescribe anti-inflammation medication. Tina’s treatments almost reduced my pain almost instantly and I was back to running pain free in no time. I recommend Vitality Oriental Therapy to anyone looking for alternatives to prescribed drugs." Genevieve R. (Langford, BC)

Thank you very much for your attention and ability to heal people.

"I had a laparoscopic surgery at the beginning of April After that I was weak and feel not well balanced. I had lack of energy, I was tired all the time. I had hemoroid since my surgery and lost blood each day. I came to the Vitality Oriental Therapy. Tina received me. The first treatment didn't stop the hemoroid. After it was even getting worse, but I was feeling a little better with my energy. The second treatment was immediately successful. I didn't suffer anymore from the hemoroid and I stopped bleeding. My energy came back and I regained confidence in my capacity.

Thank you very much for your attention and ability to heal people." Perrine P. (Victoria, BC)

I Look Forward to Each Visit at Vitality Therapy!

"I have been suffering from GERD (acid reflux) and hot flashes (per menopause). Tina has been treating me with acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, neither of which I have used before. She is through in her history-taking and gentle and compassionate in her approach. My hot flashes have disappeared and we are working on my acid reflux. I am confident that under her care, my acid reflux will improve soon. Additionally, my ability to deal with stress has improved and I look forward to each visit. Acupuncture and TCM under Tina’s care, will continue to be part of my life." Kelly H. (Victoria, BC)

I Have Noticed a Huge Reduction in My Neck Pains.

"I have been a customer of Vitality Oriental Therapy for 2 months and have received treatments for both neck and shoulder pains a weekly basis. I had been having serious neck pain since auto collision, but ever since I have started getting acupuncture treatment from Tina at vitality, I have felt much better and have noticed a huge reduction in my daily neck pains." Huy N. (Langford, BC)

After my last treatment, I have improved dramatically! Thank you.

"This letter express my support and recommendation for Tina Lai. When I first met Tina, I had been suffering with extreme pain in my left hip, left leg and foot. I was unable to walk more than one or two blocks without having to stop and sit. I have found that Tina's needle placement and technique is very excellent. She is careful and observant. She always asks if there is pain or discomfort throughout the treatment. She has shown an amazing ability to manipulate the energy. I have found her treatments to be very effective. With each treatment there is steady, progressive improvement. Tina's explanation of my condition is very clear and precise, and always with a positive outlook. Additionally, she always engages me in conversation about issues related to my healing process, such as, diet, exercise, emotional balance and attitude.

As a direct result of the treatments she has given me, I have improved dramatically. After my last treatment I was able to walk one mile on the treadmill without stopping. I feel very thankful to have met her and to have the benefit of her treatments. She is certainly very talented and knowledgeable and is an asset to the healing community." Joseph B. (Victoria, BC)

I Lost Weight in 1 Week

"Before I came to Vitality Oriental Therapy, I was overweight and my eating habit was really bad for my health. After coming to Vitality Oriental Therapy and following the healthy recipes and medicines Tina prescribed for me, my weight has noticeably dropped by 7kg (15.4 lb) in 1 week. Not only that, my eating habit is also normal now. Thanks so much to Vitality Oriental Therapy for all the help and patience." Jeff W. (Victoria, BC)

My pain has not returned!

"I would like you to know that since you gave me the deep massages, once in September 2008 and twice in October 2008, the recurring discomfort in my right wrist and right shoulder from work-related injuries since 2006, has not returned. I believe this is because of the caring and thorough treatments you gave me. I also appreciate your follow-up telephone calls, kind offers and advices to help me get better. It is your sincerity, loving kindness and compassion for others that make your practice and whatever you do so healing.

I thank Vitality Oriental Therapy for being who you are. I wish you all the best in the pursuit of your career." Rachanee U. (Victoria, BC)

The Chinese Medicine Really Worked!

"I am happy to report that the Chinese Medicine is working for me! I just had my period last week and it was not accompanied by a single cramp or any other pains. Moreover, there was less flow, less breast tenderness and I was less tired (low energy). So overall I felt much better, which is such a great relief." Martina (Victoria, BC)

I recommend Vitality Oriental Therapy!

"I have received great benefit from deep massage and treatment. I've felt an increase in the flow of my energy and a reduction in my stress. If you have any chronic pain or physical discomfort, I certainly recommend visiting Vitality Oriental Therapy." Dahlia M. (Victoria, BC)