I Encourage Anyone to Visit Vitality Oriental Therapy! Print

I have suffered severe abdominal pains for 2 years, after extensive allergy testing and excessive diet modifications. Doctors told me, I could no longer eat yeast, sugar cane, and cranberries, any form of dairies, sesame seeds or coffee. I came to see Tina at Vitality Oriental Therapy for a shoulder injury, and one day I was experiencing severe abdominal pain from inadvertently eating something I shouldn’t have. Tina immediately started to treat my abdominal troubles and about 2 months later I was able to eat anything without experiencing any adverse reactions. I am now seeing Tina to work on some chronic and shoulder pains for over 10 years. Each session I feel significantly more relief. I would encourage anyone to visit Vitality Oriental Therapy to see if there is something they can do you.

Michelle B. (Langford, BC)