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Gordon Head Saanich, Victoria, BC

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MSP Coverage

As of April 1, 2008, Acupuncture is available to Medical Services Plan ( MSP ) beneficiaries receiving premium assistance in Victoria, BC

FREE Consultation

A 30-45 minute free consultation before your first acupuncture or massage treatment. It includes a general discussion of your overall health, habits, diet, and emotional state. A full evaluation of symptoms and signs, including checking the pulse and tongue, to see if you are in "half health state", and a Chinese Medicine diagnosis will be made. We will develop a treatment plan relating to your health concerns before your first acupuncture or massage treatment.

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Massage & Acupuncture
Gordon Head Saanich, Victoria BC 

After my last treatment, I have improved dramatically! Thank you. PDF Print E-mail

This letter express my support and recommendation for Tina Lai. When I first met Tina, I had been suffering with extreme pain in my left hip, left leg and foot. I was unable to walk more than one or two blocks without having to stop and sit. I have found that Tina's needle placement and technique is very excellent. She is careful and observant. She always asks if there is pain or discomfort throughout the treatment. She has shown an amazing ability to manipulate the energy.  I have found her treatments to be very effective. With each treatment there is steady, progressive improvement. Tina's explanation of my condition is very clear and precise, and always with a positive outlook. Additionally, she always engages me in conversation about issues related to my healing process, such as, diet, exercise, emotional balance and attitude.

As a direct result of the treatments she has given me, I have improved dramatically. After my last treatment I was able to walk one mile on the treadmill without stopping. I feel very thankful to have met her and to have the benefit of her treatments. She is certainly very talented and knowledgeable and is an asset to the healing community.

Joseph B. (Victoria, BC)

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