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Acupuncture Helps Iowa Rescue Dog PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 04 April 2010 22:52

Researchers say it helps with bone, joint problems

Chinese therapy technique is proving to be as effective on pets as it is on people. Doctors at Iowa State University's veterinary medicine clinic are using acupuncture on animals and have helped a search and rescue dog regain his mobility and spirit.
Dr. Nyomi Galow-Kersh said the difference in the 9-year-old dog Talyn is dramatic.

"When we first started this, Talyn had sore spots on his hips and a couple of spots on his back," Galow-Kersh said. The spots, much like a knot in your back, have eased since Galow-Kersh started giving Talyn acupuncture treatments. "You can actually feel them," she said. "It's like a big knot and once you can stick a needle in those and it just kinda relaxes that muscle like it activates it, but then it just relaxed around it."

It's so relaxing that Talyn hardly reacts to the needles. Handler Robin Habeger said he'll sometimes even nap during the treatments. Habeger has worked with Talyn on search-and-rescue missions, including the Cedar Rapids floods and missing persons cases since he was 14 weeks old.

About a year ago, she noticed he started to favor one of his legs after hours of searching. "Within about 45 minutes, he went from favoring it to almost being completely lame," Habeger said.

Her veterinarian recommended acupuncture. Within a week of the first treatment, he was a different dog. "When I ask him to go and search, instead of being very careful moving over things, he's back to his old self of running full bore knowing where all of his paws are going," Habeger said.

"Several of the dogs actually do that," said Galow-Kersh. "They kinda come in pretty slow and then, after some treatments, they're running and jumping on the couch." Talyn isn't just running and jumping. He appears to have some of his old spirit back. "He's still not the reckless teenager he was, but he's at least middle aged," Habeger said.

The acupuncture treatment will likely give Talyn another two years working as a search and rescue dog. Galow-Kersh said the therapy works best with older animals with arthritis or a bad hip. It doesn't work with illnesses like cancer or diabetes.

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