Massage & Acupuncture Centre
Gordon Head Saanich, Victoria, BC

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FREE Consultation

A 30-45 minute free consultation before your first acupuncture or massage treatment. It includes a general discussion of your overall health, habits, diet, and emotional state. A full evaluation of symptoms and signs, including checking the pulse and tongue, to see if you are in "half health state", and a Chinese Medicine diagnosis will be made. We will develop a treatment plan relating to your health concerns before your first acupuncture or massage treatment.

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Massage & Acupuncture
Gordon Head Saanich, Victoria BC 

Facial Acupressure (Jin Shin Do)

Jin Shin Do is an acupressure technique; it uses finger pressure on acupoints and verbal Body Focusing techniques to relax the tension in both the neck and the face to regain the appearance of youth and restore original beauty.

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