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FREE Consultation

A 30-45 minute free consultation before your first acupuncture or massage treatment. It includes a general discussion of your overall health, habits, diet, and emotional state. A full evaluation of symptoms and signs, including checking the pulse and tongue, to see if you are in "half health state", and a Chinese Medicine diagnosis will be made. We will develop a treatment plan relating to your health concerns before your first acupuncture or massage treatment.

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Massage & Acupuncture
Gordon Head Saanich, Victoria BC 

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Know the Practitioners & Their Mission in Life

tina-lai Ting-Hsia LAI (R.Ac.)

Ting-Hsia (Tina) 
used to have poor health and always had many health issues since she was a little girl. After studying Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and being treated in this old Chinese traditional style, she has strengthened her own immune system, improved her energy level, repaired her body's functions, and changed her attitude towards life. She has re-gained her good health again. She is now a registered acupuncture practitioner and more than 10 years as a professional Acupuncturist and Herbalist, mainly in Victoria. She specializes in providing Tu-Na treatment for traumatic muscle and tendon injury and has achieved strong results from treating traumatic injuries and acute problems with acupuncture and herbals.

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